To kasianowak: not closed

  • Thank you Kasia for today's comments.

    I don't think these shops were actually closed. They had been taped off to keep people away from some newly painted details on the façades. There were signs in the windows warning of wet paint.

    Nothing, or very little, has been forcibly closed in Sweden during the pandemic, but some businesses may have been voluntarily closed for lack of customers. There are many restrictions, sometimes confusing, and strict recommendations (like orders, but not legally binding) of what to do or don't, but never any lockdowns, like in the US and many other countries. There have never been any eerily empty streets or squares in the major cities.

    As it turned out, Sweden has been hit much worse than Finland, Norway or Denmark, but much less than the UK, Poland, Hungary or many other countries.

    Have a nice new week,