Travelling Japan

  • i will be in tokyo for 4 months. i already have budgeted and paid for my housing and flights roundtrip.

    basically, i want to find out if 2000$ usd will be enough for food, transportation, and possibly a few small souvenirs. i also may buy a few books there.

    i'm not a big spender and am pretty frugal already. i like to cook from local ingredients, and i don't really like spending at expensive restaurants. of course i want to experience japanese food, so buy making dinner for myself some of the time, i can try out recipes and stuff from cookpad.
    I've been told that i can find restaurant meals at about 600 to 1200 yen for lunch and/or dinner if i want, and so i will probably be budgeting and stay around that range.

    is $2000 enough for that? Would less be okay? Or more?

    What amount do you suggest for the expenses i listed, based on what you have spent in similar situation in japan?
  • Hi, I am just posting here so I can follow the thread. I want to travel there too and looking forward to see the answers!
  • Oops just realized the thread is very old. Sorry to bump