Am I human?

  • Every time I try to load TE, I have to prove that I am human.

    Okay, I can cope with that but, many times, half way through submitting a critique, the same screen appears, I have to prove that I am human again and have then lost the critique! This is very irritating and tedious!

    Is anyone else having such problems?
  • I thought the server had learned to recognize me when I didn't have to identify umbrellas or bikes for several days, but the last couple of days these tedious tests have returned. Today I had to prove myself human once again when I just wanted to change to another page within TE. It is very annoying. Is there REALLY no technician at IB who could fix the site?
  • When I'm not on my VPN (I'm currently working from home), I've also started getting this. I'm going to see if tech can have Cloudflare (our 3rd-party protective software) crank it down even more.
  • It seems that today the problem with Captcha is resolved. I opened the pages without problems.

  • I didn't post or critique, yesterday, but am so pleased to see that the problem seems to have been solved and I loaded TE without the previous problems.
    Well done! 👍