Variable ND Filters

  • Has anyone tried using the Hoya Variable Density Filter? Comments?


  • Variable Density Filter
    Dear Rosemary

    I haven't but Philippe (bartleby) has and we has quite a detailed discussion about them in the Forum. I'll try to find the link.

    They're very expensive and from my detective work, it would seem that Heliopan are the best, but very sore on the pocket.

    Hope that helps.

    Take care
  • Thanks Lisa

    I have being doing research on these and the heliopan has possibly the best reviews but from what I have read they are not much cop on FF cameras with wide angle lenses attached at anything wider than about 35 ... that is on the extreme end of the 'blackness'. Images pick up a dark cross in the middle of the shot (similar to vignetting). I had hoped that such a filter would be suitable for a number of situations and save me schlepping a box full of filters and filter holders around with me.

    Hope you have a super time with Malgo and gang!

  • ND variable grad filter
    see some advice on this previous forum:
  • Thanks Claude
    I'll check this out