To euryan: Opinionated

  • Hahaha... i think that that may be one of the most opinionated reviews i've received yet for this one.

    It looks like this picture was fairly successful here... shows you what i know about photography :-)

    How has your photography been treating you lately--i remember hearing that you were kind of in a slump. i've tried to dig myself out of mine by taking anything i find the opportunity to, but i'm still on a little bit of a post-Peru hangover, i think. Hopefully i'll get to do a little bit of climbing over Christmas Break and maybe feel a little bit more inspired.

    Have a good one!
  • Re: To euryan: Opinionated
    Inspiration... Yes, that's what I have been lacking. I have been doing some soul searching lately. What inspires me to take pictures? For you, it started out with climbing. For me, it started out with nature. So I think that if I go back to what originally inspired me to take photos, I'll find my motivation again. I really enjoy looking at all kinds of photos here on trekearth (and some times I wish I could emulate other styles). But as far as my own photography is concerned, I'm inspired when I'm photographing nature, even though I've been trying other forms. I think thatís where the frustration came from; My inability get inspired about other forms of photography (I had the motivation). Hopefully I can get inspired with other forms of photography in the future.

    Sorry about the long response. Hopefully the act of writing down my thoughts will be somewhat therapeutic for me ;-)