To InasiaJones: softness

  • Hey Andre
    yeah, i'm not a big fan of the reduced softness due to the smaller image sizes here on TE - that does bug me.
    i'll take a look on the forums
    i'm hesitant to do alot of sharpening, as it can sometimes lead to such a fake look
    i'll take a look see online here
    what photoshop program do you recommend for personal use?
  • Hi Craig,

    Just like you, I was often deceived by my images when I was posting them on TE. They would look sharp in Photoshop and on my computer screen, but completely soft once reduced and downloaded on the web.

    You will probably be able to find a very simple recipe provided by Luko, consisting of 4 or 5 easy steps to apply. You'll never get fake results with that one, and it will only compensate for the loss of reduced files.

    You can see that some members go over the board with sharpness, creating a visible paler outline around every edges, and this is not what you want to get for your images.

    Concerning your question about Photoshop, I'm using CS4. CS5 will have to wait for a couple of months...