To Tage: Hybrid Vehicle

  • 1. Why are you making fun of this guy?
    2. As for "a release", why don't you come up here to Toronto and I'll show you to the scrap yard ... I'm sure they can find something for you to do while you wait for him to show up (do some push-ups before you get your visa, Canadians are hard-working)
    3. Do you know how much one earns from the sale of a scrap engine to a yard ... to imply that this guy makes enough from this is sheer snobbery. Leave your attitude in the suburbs.
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    I am not making fun of the guy in the picture. I am questioning your judgement in posting a picture like this without getting permission from the guy. If it was you in the picture, would you like it posted on the internet?

    Regarding your comment about the visa, it makes no sense to me. I have been living in Canada, my wife is Canadian, I have kids and grandkids living there.

    My comment about that the guy is trying to keep his kids in college, that was meant to say that what do you know about the struggle that this guy is going through, to keep trying like this, he must have a pretty good reason. You and me might have given up.

    My first impression when seing this picture is that it was tasteless, and that you were trying to make fun of the poor fellow.
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    1. This man and his situation, whatever it is, is part of Canadian society. This is what my picture describes.
    2. He was pushing and pulling an engine down a public street. Posting such an image on the internet is not banned in Canada (we are a democracy, not a dictatorship).
    3. You state "you and me might have given up". Canadians don't give up so easily.
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    your picture is very good, and it shows reality as it is. the picture itself is worth a lot.

    I guess what offended me a bit was the comment. My first impression was that you made a joke about the guy, and I did not like that.

    Thinking about my reaction about your picture, I decided to delete one of my own pictures that I had posted earlier. it showed another struggling guy living in poverty, on a back street in Shanghai. he was trying to sell meat that I am quite sure he had found somewhere. I made a comment about the lack of food hygiene, because the guy had his scraps of meat practically on the ground (and I was struggling from foodpoisoning at that time, so I reacted to this, and took a picture...)
    I decided that I wanted to remove that picture, because it showed another man struggling to survive. (and what did I know about his day to day struggle, and his reasons for trying this hard).
    I am sorry if I offended you with my comment.
    I know Canadians are very strong people, and I admire them.
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    I like the shot, but not Dave J. Langer's attitude.

    Who was doing the 'making fun of' Dave?

    "Hybrid vehicle"?

    "Leaving me in a cloud of dust"?

    Sorry, even having been born and raised in SW Ontario, I have to agree with Tage that the shot was good, but the commentary had me wondering right from the first word, and then your over-reactive blubbering in this discussion just added more negativity to it. Shame.

    best regards,

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    Well, I never would have imagined that this picture would cause such controversey!
    Sorry if my "attitude" isn't SW Ontarian enough, but as long as the picture is liked, I'm pleased.

    Good Evening to All,