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Good Iuli 2007-03-02 14:21

Buna, Any!

A superb picture but you couldn't have picked a worse frame. A very colourful landscape, a message of hope and you frame it in black, a thick ugly black frame around all this color? Why did you choose black?... and why so much of it? Off... I can't talk about the picture because of the bad frame.

The picture itself is stunning but it's a bit too tight. I would've gotten the whole puddle of water in or if it was too long just get a little more of it and place it in the bottom left corner on the diagonal. I would've left out a little bit on the right side of the picture such that the steam would not be placed dead center. The 50:50 split on the vertical appears OK.

So after the Mars photo a few days ago you came now with a Venus photo, right?.... I guess it still looks rusty, but that steam suggests more a Venus atmosphear than a Mars landscape. Man... if it weren't for that black frame, despite the composition issues I pointed out I probably would've picked it as a favorite. Instead, just one point. Sorry!


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Default To Iuli: hi

it is you opinion...and it ok for me.i thank you for.anyway me i like it the way it is,specially when one of my good friends help me by doing this frame :)
thanks looking at my pictures and even one smile is good for me.i don´t complain,i´m here to learn.
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Default Re: To Iuli: hi

You're welcome, but why black and why so thick? I don't see how this goes along with your words about the planet being alive.... by the way, those are toxic vapors, aren't they? but that's another issue... it surprized me to see such a sombre frame wich also doesn't seem to enhance the photo. but you're right... maybe you think indeed that people have a diferent understanding about black than I do. I just took a look and those who had something to say about the picture generally avoided to say anything about the frame. That would make me wonder when we're talking about such a proeminent border but then again, you're not me.
What I learned so far is that people generally find black to be somber, depressing etc. It works well when that kind of feeling is being transmitted through the photo. Also it works great with sunset silhouettes and other such pictures. Colorwise black goes just fine with your picture except that there's too much of it but it is definetely in conflict with your message. "Look at all this horrible, horrible beauty... at this terribly sad beauty... don't you wanna protect it?" Kind of funny, don't you think? I know you a little bit but you say that some "good friend" of yours helped you make this choice... OK, maybe you just got bad advice but still you can't blame it on her/him, YOU accepted it.
Cheer up, don't be depressed!
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