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Photo Information
Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Photo Version: Original Version, Workshop
Theme(s): Canadians, Polonaise' women, Dirty pictures, Being a gay... [view contributor(s)]
Date Submitted: 2008-08-23 5:45
Viewed: 1172
Points: 26

Isabelle, asiivalceni, Sne011, noborders, kensimage, robiuk, ben4321, ktanska - has marked this note useful

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To kensimage: Simply scandalous, George. Polonaise 9 08-27 15:58
To Faros: I'm sorry George Polonaise 7 08-26 18:29
To MrCairo: porysowany obiektyw Polonaise 1 08-24 19:00
To Isabelle: George's gun Polonaise 1 08-23 07:10


Isabelle (7756)
[2008-08-23 5:55]
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Am I be the first? ;)
The last sentence of your note is priceless. I´ve already done it a lot today and more to come :D
Lovely image, George, I can´t believe you aim your "gun" to the people this close.
I was browsing your gallery last night, one can count very very few images without a human being on them. Amazing!

I am off to the amazon jungle today, wish me luck!

PoorColdBoy (228)
[2008-08-23 6:02]

What a beautiful woman, in more than two ways.

Useful Neutral

asiivalceni (812)
[2008-08-23 6:03]

Dar de ce era prinsa tipa???
Impresionanta imagine..:-)

Useful Neutral

Faros (3606)
[2008-08-23 7:47]
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I'm sorry George but in my opinion it's out of place and inappropriate.


Re: Why YOU would be sorry, Phil ?
It's me who's going to rot in hell - not you…!

All the best, mate

ben4321 (9259)
[2008-08-23 8:24]

Great stuff George - I can just picture you scrambling feverishly over the barrier to get into this favourable position!
Quite an intimate picture in a way - that separation of the crowd behind the barriers I supposes, and that direct confrontational pose, with her eyes only for you.
Nice truck.


noborders (13249)
[2008-08-23 11:56]

Although the breasts are splendid (imo) and (imo) more attractive that on one of my favorites of yours (your memorable so hot "hotty" with the oversized torso, but so sexy nonetheless), I did prefer the surprising attitude of that one, here the provocation is of course amusing, the expression playful with the public witnessing the scene - but in fact, many looking at another direction so the photo is a bit less strong :))...

(... But what happened to her nipples, what kind of strange torture I wonder ? It makes me suffer !!!)

Best to you (but sorry : although fun and enjoyable, not your very best),
Have a great weekend and enjoy the heat (and please keep shooting),
(PS : your note is very amusing !)

chris04stop (295)
[2008-08-23 15:55]

A formidable pic, George, a very strong one! This beautiful woman, smiling and SO sure about herself is like a pure force of the nature. Wonderful! Someone doesn't understand that? And who cares? Ciao, George. GO ON!
Anna Paola

ribeiroantonio (16160)
[2008-08-23 16:25]

With a 20mm you must have some good connections to get this kind of shots!!! And the note is really funny.

robiuk (10276)
[2008-08-23 16:57]

This is great stuff George, and you know it (you were
there). I was never into S/M stuff myself, but this one
made me think... I absolutely adore her face expression
as you made her cum... close to your 20mm.


MarcT (15622)
[2008-08-24 0:37]

Oh man, George,
You are just too much :o))))
A little extreme like you... Nice reed as always!
Anyway, cheers brother

casperduppy (1132)
[2008-08-24 8:28]

Oh George you are so naughty! But I am really glad you presented us with this fabulous shot :) What a marvelous tractor and trailer LOL!


MrCairo (2515)
[2008-08-24 13:12]

Rzeczywiscie ! Mogles miec porysowany obiektyw - kurcze Ty sie nie boisz o sprzet !!
Niesamowity kadr - choc moje pierwsze wrazenie bylo takie - Pocieli kobiecie biust !


Traczewska (5656)
[2008-08-24 14:39]

Co ja zrobie, ze ja lubie te zdjecia?? sama chetnie bym je robila, ale poki co jeszcze, po Polsce nikt tak "openly" i "freely" z cycusiami i pupami po ulicy nie biega..

Radosc.. czego? niezaleznosci? wyswobodzenia sie z konwenansow? doroslosci kiedy juz mozna samemu? odwagi pokazania tego co druga strona wlasnej twarzy jest?

Zdumiewa mnie swoboda Twoich bohaterow uchwyconych w chwili tych, no jednak super odwaznych demonstracji.. nie kryja sie, chowaja.. odwrotnie - chca byc zauwazeni..

zupelnie inaczej mi mama mowila, ze trzeba.. :)

acha .. no i nie wiem jak to napisac, ale w tym zdjeciu duzo seksu tryska.. powiedzmy, ze chodzi o ten czerwony kolor co i w kontrapunkcie ciezarowki :)

z pozdrowieniami, Agnieszka

Useful Neutral

kensimage (7834)
[2008-08-24 17:21]

Simply scandalous, George. Utterly without redeeming social value. Shocking and dismaying, and far outside the bounds of what is acceptable in society. Yes, that's what makes this a worthy photo. Keep 'em coming. Regards, Ken.

ktanska (12895)
[2008-08-25 22:36]

Hi George,
I would be lying if I said that the title is the most interesting thing on this one. Even though I like all the big stuff that moves! There's obviously some kind of parade going on although she's the only performer there, except you. Who gave the permission to get on that side of the fence?

ninaL (16171)
[2008-08-29 3:32]

Tam gdzie sie dzieja takie rzeczy, jest zawsze Georges Grabarczyk...Jakze mogloby byc inaczej ?
Podziwiam, podziwiam...
Rezyseria w tlumie...
Buzka. G.

fkostas (353)
[2008-11-11 8:37]

Hello Mr. Grabarczyk,

We can see she's a submissive, and obviously happy, with enviable tits.

I came here as I was looking at your latest photo, and noticed you had a theme about "dirty pictures". Since I have read so much about the "old pervert Polonaise", I decided to peruse your dirty photos.

Not one. Not ONE single porn. Do people even know what porn is? The definition for porn is vague: "I know it when I see it". Blah. We need new guidelines to define porn.

Your talent is obvious, and it's not to my taste, but I have no credentials for critiquing you.

Enjoy your Canadian winter, unless you are now in my city. (Hollywood is MINE, MINE I say!)

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