To tyro: Workshop

  • Hello John,

    Thank you for your very kind words on my picture.

    Time has passed so quickly that it is only now that I realise it's almost 10 months since I last uploaded one. In recent times, as you know, I have confined my activities to the occasional critique and workshop. I seemed to get more satisfaction from that than posting pictures of my own.

    In spite of such a long absence I've been extremely pleased to have received nothing but thoughtful critiques from members, including yourself, whose opinion I highly value. Andrew [macondo] was one of my earliest "gurus" and was extremely helpful when I consulted him on choice of cameras after the unfortunate accident with my little Canon.

    Both you and he have spotted the flaw of OE at the left of the image I had been sitting on this picture for sometime after I stitched it and I should have spotted this at the time of PP. My major interest in producing this image had been in the use of ICE program as a way round the lack of really wide angle capability in both my cameras.

    As I mentioned in my reply to Andrew, MS ICE also produces surprisingly good results when combining two overlapping landscape exposures one above the other - so that the sky and the lower land area can both be given the right amount of exposure. I know this can be done in PhotoShop but this method is a quick and possibly cruder way of achieving a result.

    It is freely downloadable just Google it and it's well worth looking at it. You just seem to be able to throw in half a dozen overlapping images both vertically and horizontally in Hockney style - and it will make something of them. You can then apply different algorithms [is that the right word for it?] to get the result you desire. It certainly gets over the curving horizon in seascapes which I've found a problem with before.

    Your workshop is excellent, though when comparing the two images in TE's side by side comparison set up the difference is not so easy to see, when I downloaded your WS to FastStone and was able to click between it and the original it's obvious that the whole of the left hand side has been hugely improved.

    Thanks for pointing out those tabs in the group page. Something I'd completely missed in the new TE website layout!

    Kind regards,

  • A workshop or not a workshop??
    Hello Peter,

    Yes, I quite agree with your first thought about my workshop! After I had uploaded it, I looked at the "comparison" page, comparing your original picture with my uploaded workshop and, quite honestly, I couldn't see a difference between the two!

    But then I placed them both in a single folder on my computer and, when I flipped between the two images, there was a definite difference, so I was relieved. At first I thought that I had in error uploaded your original image to the workshop and not the one with which I had fiddled around!

    So, I suppose, the workshop image isn't too destructive and I'm pleased that you think it has made a bit of an improvement to the overly-bright areas, especially to the left and top-left of the picture.

    Kind Regards,