To Royaldevon: stolen photos

  • bev

    I have many histories about this: in windsor I almost was put off because the vigilance was very strong. in a church in milan I was stealing photos and the man who was in vigilance said me to stop. I took another and did the cross sign before to go out and the man did a reaction as if I was a devil doing the sign of the cross. haha
    -- in assisi a vigilant took me in the process and asked me in english. ( I did a sign I didn't understand him) he asked me what was my language, because he wanted to menace me. --- and he became: spanish ? italian ? frensh. german ? --- you should have a language. --- I was trying to invent a language he didn't know, I though: maybe in russian, but if he knew that language I would be in troubles, for another side I would be saying a lie inside a church... haha. --- Unfortunately he was so present and vigilant I didn't get to take any photos there. Maybe some day... haha

    take care