To jean113: wood or stone?

  • Thank you Jean,
    I'm not really sure of the material of the ceilings but I would suppose they are made of the same stone as everything else here. I just found an interesting information that all these paintings, including the hundreds of painted statues, are repaired and restored every 12 years. I had been puzzled by the fact that more recent photos, including some on TE, are so much brighter. I couldn't recognize anything and was wondering if I could possibly have missed large parts of the temple. Obviously I saw everything, but at least the area in this photo was clearly getting ready for its regular restoration.
  • Hi Jean and Gert,

    I also think the ceiling is made of stone.

    As for the pictures of the temple that are looking so bright:
    I suspect that it always concerns parts of the temple where sufficient light shone from outside.
    Like in my photo I was able to take from outside the fence:

    It is of course not impossible to miss a part of the large temple. There are even some parts that are only accessible to Hindus.
    But I have the same experience as Gert.
    Sometimes it was terribly dark in the temple. So obscure that I found it less bad that I could not bring a camera.

    Kind regards,