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Travelling is the best way to discover our own identity and keep an open-minded attitude.

A journey is an opportunity to see the world in different ways. A quest that encourages me to see the other side of the story. I believe that there is always warm that can be felt on the coldest mountain peak.

There is always beauty that can be seen in the dirtiest place. And there is always the truth that can be heard on the other part of the world. When traveling, I explore, learn, understand, respect and share the beauty of our planet and its people. Thanks to my beloved parent who bring me up with full care and love. With their love, I find that this world and people from all walks of life are so wonderful. This drives me to explore the world and its people.

Silence, images and solitude are my main inspiration. In search of UNITY on my ADVENTUROUS journey throughout the world, I wish to share some inspiration with others through my photography and story. I hope that we respect each other and the world we live in. Keep it peace. Keep it beauty :)

At TE, I hope that I can learn and share many things with my TE friends.

Thanks TE.
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