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Hello everyone,

I live next to Amsterdam and was born there in 1969. Amsterdam is a great city with a great atmosphere.
I have learned to appreciate the Asian way of living and kind of dislike the well known Dutch treat (food). Holland (Europe) has some great history, but when traveling you learn that much more can be found outside your home country.
TE is the perfect spot for me to learn this in the most shortest possible way. Learn about living in Iran, Afghanistan through some amazing photographers over there, well, if that isn’t an easy way of traveling.
I also like it the other way around, so I go to those places; China and Japan are my favorites and I hope to go there as often as possible, with my camera and my family. First of all to show my daughter that there is more in the world than Holland (Europe), secondly to remind me that other cultures can sometimes handle things better than the Dutch (European) one.
I started with photography when I was 8 years old. I used an Agfa Clack and soon my dad gave me a Penn camera. To make a long story very short, after a period photographing with Pentax, in 2000 I bought my first Sony digital camera. More cameras followed and I exchanged these quite often until I bought the Canon 10D. I’m a happy camper now and I will not part from this one very soon.
I love to make pictures of people, especially when they act normal and don’t act disturbed because of my presence. So my daughter is a good subject and she probably thinks that her dad looks like a camera.
I hope you all enjoy my photo’s, I for sure love yours.

Sincerely yours,


Update: For almost a year I haven't used my 10D. I bought the 1D and I couldn't be more happy with this camera. The fast focus is a real must for my fast moving daughter right now, we'll see for how long.

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