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Zjednoczone Królestwo
Hi people, my name is Jamie and i have been interested in photography since i was about 8 years old! My main focus has always been the weather with thunderstorms my top priority!
In the last 15 years i have got my photos published in magazines etc and in the last 5 years my interest has grown even further due to digital and now i use a combination of digital and film SLR's and i try my best to make the island i live on look as beautiful as possible and always try to capture an area when it is looking its best.
I have more photos if you are interested, they can be found on

I have a reasonable selection of equiptment although it isn't the best of the best!
I use a Nikon D300, and i have a Nikon D80 as a backup, also a Nikon D50 for Infra-red photography and i also use it to keep in the car as an emergency camera, although i occasionally get out my Nikon F80 when i have enough money to spend on film!

I have a good selection of Sigma lenses ranging from 10mm right up to 400mm.

P.S This website is all about learning, sharing, and enjoying, so i have no time for people who take themselves too seriously on here!
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