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Time does not wait. . .
As you eyes scans through the screen to read this text, the clock ticks...

Because nothing is eternal. . . Because nothing lasts forever. . . Colors fade, lights darken and melodies silence.
Some day, the land we believe is eternal, will no longer be here for us to stand. The sky we believe is never-ending will no longer be above us for us to dream upon.

Like everything else, a true emotion is instantaneous. Burns inside and always feels brand new. But as soon as you realize, the heat is gone, that moment is past, and the passion is history.
The same way a person can never bathe into the same running river, a moment can never be reproduced, an occurrence can never be told, and an emotion can never be re-felt.

Because eternal is not something that lasts forever. Eternal is something that lasts for a split second but with such a great intensity that petrifies and no other force can ever liberate it.

Some day, I will breathe out and will no longer breathe in. That is when my clock stops and my pendulum halts. . . The pictures that I take are not what I saw. They are not attempts to reproduce an event because I know that moment is gone. What I thought the instance I depressed the shutter, no one will ever know. The sun that shone above me and the wind that blew on my face is what made that moment so special to me.

The pictures that I take are just reflections of the emotions that I felt. . . For me, eternity does not last forever. It lasts for a split second. . . but is eternal while it lasts. . .

(one of the paragraphs are from a poem written by Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Translation was my own interpretation and might not be what the author meant. Please don't sue me)
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