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Hi everybody,

I have received, and am still receiving, numerous kind messages from TE members and I think that it won't be a bad idea to use this space to satisfy the curiosity about me shown by them all.

I’m an old lady that started taking pictures at the early age of 14. I love photography and now that I've found such a good website to see an incredible amount of excellent photos, I decided to give workshops to people "with no less than 10,000 points".

According to TE, “Doing workshops on other members' photos is a great way to practice your post-processing skills and is generally appreciated by other members.”

I agree with them and am quite sure that this labour will help me to improve my skills on the post-processing work and, in this sense, I would like to point out that, as could not otherwise be, my sole purpose is just learning, not teaching.

So I would like to make clear that nothing is further from my intention than to bother in any way the authors of the pictures whom I give my workshops to.

At the same time, if any of my workshops is found useful by any TE member who happen to see it, I’ll be doubly pleased.

And that's all I can say. Thank you very much for your understanding and kindness.

Mary Queen

P.S.: Obviously, I'm not going to take into account those workshops given by others to TE members with less than 10,000 points.
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