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I-camera eye.

I-mechanic eye.

I-the machine, showing You the world in the way only I can see it.

Since today I free myself from human lack of speed, in continuous movement I zoom in objects and zoom out, I crawl under objects and climb on them, I run along with a horse at full gallop (...) I fall and rise with falling and rising objects.
Here I am; camera; running on the resultant, I pick my way in the chaos of
movement, I remember movement in it's most complicated arrangement.
(...)Freed from bonds of time and space, I connect all possible to catch points in the universe. My goal is to create new way of perceiving the world. This is how I decode from the beginning this unknown world.

/Dziga Wiertow/

I am a beginner at photography. TE is the place where I learn how to improve my skills. My best friend Estaban showed me
this page.

All critiques are really helpful so feel free to criticize and advice.
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