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A camera is an extension of the photographer’s eye . I am personally involved in my photographs, using my values, my experience and my views as a source of inspiration.

From Haute Provence to Holland via Marseille and Dublin, I have, for the last ten years travelled through these different places with my AE1 and my Mamiya medium-format, trying to highlight people and their places. I discovered photography and Marseille at the same time. This fascinating city has given birth to a great curiosity , which has enabled me to photograph with eagerness its fishermen, its demonstrators or these pupils from the suburbs with whom I worked for six years.

Taking a photograph is a sharing experience between the subjects and the photographer during the shooting, and with the public during the exhibition. This sense of sharing also means that I respect the human side of the subjects, and that I remain faithful to them. Indeed, each image delivers a message to the viewers and induces a reaction from them. Discussion, observation, smiles... are magic moments which belong to everyone. My pictures fulfil their purpose as soon as they trigger off such reactions.

This is the address of my website:
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