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I grew up in Hungary, but now live in Toronto, Canada since 1957. so most of my pictures are from the Toronto area. I did most of my travelling in Europe and America before the age of digital photography, so I do not have many pictures of those trips. I scanned and posted a few of them. they are not very good, but may be some people will find it interesting as history.
Most of my pictures are organized into eight THEME groups, in there they are sorted by the date when they were taken, the oldest being first. The following is a list of these groups:
1. Toronto - Contemporary Art and Architecture (56).
2. Toronto - Historic Art and Architecture (37).
3. Toronto Museums
4. Toronto Others(37).

5. Ontario Art & Architecture
Toonto and the GTA not included
6. Ontario Grater Toronto Area (GTA)
7. Ontario Nature
8. The Province of Quebec, Canada
9. Hungary 2001 & 2011
10. Budapest 2016
11. Hungary 1967 to 1998

12. USA
13. Travels
14. Events
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