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Zjednoczone Królestwo
I love the outdoors and nature, and I like walking and hiking. Maybe this accounts, in part anyway, for my current preoccupation with landscapes and seascapes. My "back catalog" contains a more varied range of pictures (not digital I'm afraid) and some day I hope to post one or two of these on TrekEarth.

My introduction to digital photography happened relatively recently when, without warning or expectation, I was given a digital camera as a present. Since then my interest has been solely in digital photography and has coincided with my membership of TrekLens and TrekEarth. I find this site and it's sister sites to be a great source of inspiration and education. Please also (if interested) see my postings on TrekLens (Macgarret1).
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    Title: Early BirdFujifilm S7000 z
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    Title: Lazy Sunday Afternoon
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    Title: Green White and Blue
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    Title: Autumn in a suburban park
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    Title: The Leaving of Liverpool
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    Title: Singel

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