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Zjednoczone Królestwo
My Trek Earth profile says that I joined in 2010. My active membership has really started a few weeks ago in November 2017. My retirement from paid employment has given me the opportunity to devote more time to all aspects of photography.
Over the last few years many of the photographs I have taken have been of the English Suffolk Coast near where we live in Felixstowe. Many of these have been of the sea and sea defences and have been taken around dawn or dusk. I have used three different Canon SLRS (the latest is a 760D) a Tripod and Filters.
I love the solitude of the start and end of the day when you can usually devote as much time as you wish to the activity. My other photos of European Travels have sometimes been taken with an SLR but more recently I have used a more portable Canon G16.
Jan 2018 update. I have spent the last 6 weeks looking at photographs and uploading some of my own to Trek Earth. I have enjoyed the opportunity to comment/critique others photos. While you can enjoy looking at photographs in a book or gallery having to put into words what it is you appreciate about a picture requires thought and consideration and is a really valuable exercise.
This writing along with the really helpful and supportive comments I have received for many of my own postings is helping me sort out what and how I want to photograph. Circumstances are currently preventing me travelling far from home and while I could post photos from previous trips my current interest in improving my own work means I am revisiting local settings and posting current work. I am finding that planning when to go and seeing the same coastal and river areas at different stages of the tide and in differing lights and weather is offering great opportunity to experiment with technique.
My apologies for the lack of variety in settings but I am hopeful that travel later in the year will give me the opportunity to apply what I am learning in differing locations. One other result of all this looking at photos is that I am becoming more self critical. Unless I get out even more and until the weather improves this is going to result in fewer postings then over the last 6 weeks.
Once again many thanks for all the helpful comments.
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