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Rising Sun
Rising Sun (10)
Trip Date:2005-08
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Countries visited:Kanada
Oglądane: 3222
I went twice in the summer of 2005! At the end of July and the beggining of August.
I had been once before in October of 2004, it was far too cold then.
The water is always cold, but after a hard hike, it's extremely refreshing.
I recommend skuba gear and a raft or floatation device. The water is very deep, but crystal clear.
Nesteled on a part of Georgian Bay, this is a fairly popular spot for the locals. It gets rather busy and parking fills quickly. Although there are camp sites, you will need to book well in advance.
There is a grotto as well as a lagoon and a small shortcut through a cave if you know where to look.
I love this place, it is certainly amongst my favorites in the world!