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Trip Date:2006-05-19 - 2006-05-24
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Countries visited:Indie
Oglądane: 3988
The places I visited are Ganpatipule, Pawas, Malvan, Sawantwadi, Amboli.

Ganpatipule : This is a place of lord Ganesh temple. The temple is situated at the sea shore. The sea is very cool here, and being a holy place alcoholic drinks and meat is not allowed here. You'll get the best food at any local people. The sea is little unpredictable here due to the heavy sand pull and high tides and inner rapids in the rocks. So swimming in the sea is dangerous.

Malvan : Beautiful place. Less commercialized, narrow rads covered with trees, and brick red soil. Mostly the fisherman's home is the place to stay. Great "Malvani" food you'll get here, mainly fresh fish and prawns. This place has got creek on one side and sea on the other. Mostly closed in rainy season. You can hire a fisherman's boat and enjoy to go in see or various sand island popping while low tides. If you are lucky enough may get a chance to land on one of such. You can also buy various best agro products of Konkan food here.

Pawas : This place is a meditation sort of place owed by Desai, one of the main in selling the Konkan products in India. The "ashrama" is of Guru Ramakrishna who has taken "samadhi" there. Very quite and peace of mind!

Sawantwadi : This place is very famous for the handmade carved wooden toys and decorative items. ALong with that the palace is another attraction. This place has kept alive one of the very ancient art of making the "Ganjifa" cards which the kings and queens in India used to play. All these cards are hand painted and or carved. There are artist at this place who has kep that art alive.

Amboli : A small town and a hill station located in the ghats of Sahyandri mountain range of Maharashtra state. The beauty of this place is mountain and valleys and the sunset you get to see through those.

Beside these specific places, i covered few villages, templaes on the way to the places. This is a very small part of the whole Konkan area. If one wants to cover the complete Konkan belt takes 30 days total.

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you, Vandana.